Day based fractional jet & aircraft ownership

Prepare for a departure from the other fractional programs
As the only days-based fractional aircraft provider, Executive AirShare offers companies and individuals all the benefits of private flying at a fraction of the cost.

At Executive AirShare, we offer fractional ownership and share leasing programs that meet the needs of the business and leisure traveler. Our sensible options mean substantial cost and time efficiencies for your business. Our comprehensive care means we maintain, insure, hangar and provide all you need on every flight, including a team of professional flight crewmembers who you will get to know on a first-name basis. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with superior quality and personalized service at nearly half the cost of the national fractional aircraft programs. Our shareowners find comfort in the enhanced residual value of our aircraft, which have nearly half the flight hours of other programs’ aircraft. Plus, you can say good-bye to endless ticket lines, multiple connecting flights, delays at security screening and changes to airline schedules.

Elevate your air travel with Executive AirShare