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Executive AirShare

What a Difference a Day Makes


Make every day count. Executive AirShare stands apart as the only fractional aircraft provider with a day-based program rather than hour-by-hour. Your share entitles you to a generous number of full days. To do what you want. Go where life and business take you. With the same plane and the same crew. All day. You’d never get as many trips out of the hourly limits for the same share size. Not even close. Just think how much more you can accomplish – when you take life one day at a time.


Fly with professionals who care about you. We learn what you like. Your priorities. The little touches that matter. And, just as we know you, you know us. You don’t need an up charge or a special label to fly with a familiar crew, or deal with the same dedicated staff for all your transactions. With us, that’s simply standard operating procedure. We’re the opposite of an impersonal corporation.

Phenom 300
Phenom 100
Round-trip flights 50
All one-way All round-trip
Avg. flight time per day 3
0.5hr 4.5hrs
Exchange for Phenom 100 50
Always P300 Always P100
Did you know the Phenom 100 has the same cross section as the Phenom 300?
Estimated Hourly Operational Cost*
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Embraer Phenom 100 is perfect for shorter trips with fewer passengers. 4 Passengers • 1,100 mi range
Embraer Phenom 300 delivers excellent range and a top cruising speed. 8 Passengers • 1,986 mi range
The more you travel round-trip, the more you save!
The more you fly in a day, the better!
Save money with our unique interchange program. Use the Phenom 100 for shorter trips with fewer passengers. 4 Passengers • 1,100 mi range


Owning a fractional share of a jet is one of the most efficient methods of business travel available. Enjoy full access to your aircraft when you need it. But don’t pay for the time you’re not using. You have all of the advantages of owning an entire aircraft while sharing costs among other owners.

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Executive AirShare adapts to your business travel needs with ease. Select the right-size aircraft for the trip. Fractional private jet shares entitle you access to either the spacious Phenom 300 or the efficient Phenom 100. Move up or scale down based on your travel needs.

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Executive AirShare
Tom Watson Quote Executive AirShare - Tom Watson

“The real reason I switched to Executive AirShare is economics. It saves you money and provides efficiency without downgrading safety or service.”

– Tom Watson

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* Rates shown are estimates only based on certain assumptions of AirShare. Rates do not include the acquisition or capital cost of the aircraft. Many factors affect the costs involved in operating business aircraft. The cost estimator is not intended as a budgeting tool and should not be relied upon as a prediction for the costs actually incurred. AirShare makes no representation or warranty to this effect and is not responsible for inaccurate prices. Rates shown do not consist of an offer by nor create any agreement of Executive AirShare, LLC or Executive Flight Services, LLC