Executive AirShare - Learjet 45XR Executive AirShare - Learjet 45XR


Executive AirShare’s Learjet 45XR is ideal for longer flights from the Great Lakes region, offering high speed cruising at better than 500 miles per hour. The spacious cabin can accommodate nine passengers comfortably. With ample shoulder and headroom, a flat floor and the only double-club seating configuration in its class.

The Learjet 45XR also offers a private lavatory, including a sink. The cabin is exceptionally quiet, never disrupting passenger conversations. And a two-zone temperature control system enables you to travel in comfort. With the most advanced anti-ice system of any light- or mid-size jet, the Learjet 45XR can easily handle flights from Buffalo and the Great Lakes region in the winter.

*The Learjet 45XR is only available in the Great Lakes region.

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Cruise Speed 535 MPH
Max Cruise Altitude 51,000 feet
Crew 2 pilots
Range 2,358 statute miles
Baggage Space 65 cubic feet
Seating 9 passengers
Executive AirShare - Learjet 45XR
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“We went from ‘We could never afford this,’ to ‘We couldn’t afford to do business without this.’”