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Shareowner Stories

Executive AirShare’s fractional aircraft shareowners know the value of our day-based ownership plans. They’ve witnessed firsthand how first-class service isn’t extra. How the best pilots and friendly crew make every business or leisure trip smooth and convenient. How the newest fleet of aircraft makes private travel for business or leisure accessible and indispensable.

Not sure if you’re a good fit for Executive AirShare? See what the people who know us best have to say. Compare their experience with your current travel situation. And discover what you’re missing.

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Robert Fox

“Do you want to be a number on a charge card, or a real person?”

– Robert Fox, Conax Technologies

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“Executive AirShare is truly my flight department. They’re my trusted aviation expert.”

– Wiley Curran, Curran Companies

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“It's great to have the aircraft for the entire day because if you need to leave a little bit earlier, the aircraft is right there ready to go."

– Pam and Edmund McIlhenny

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“The real reason I switched to Executive AirShare is economics. It saves you money and provides efficiency without downgrading safety or service.”

– Tom Watson

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