Executive AirCare


Shareowners enjoy all of the benefits of private jet travel one would expect ­– efficiency, timesaving and convenience. But the perk that is worth the most costs nothing extra. Executive AirShare’s customer service specialists,  Executive AirCare offers shareowners best-in-class service for reservations, catering, logistics and other travel needs.

Other companies just get customers from Point A to Point B. Executive AirCare specialists go beyond for the shareowner. Through a single point of contact they make arrangements for anything you’ll need on your trip. With detail-oriented precision, our specialists make sure there is a seamless transition from your time in your aircraft to the time on the ground.

Whatever unique needs you may have, Executive AirCare handles them. Need car service after everyone’s gone home from a small, remote airport? Our specialists arranged a courtesy car through City Hall. We work directly with hotel concierge to set up services at your destination. We’ve secured fishing licenses for a leisure trip. We’ve even flown an Executive AirCare specialist to Mexico to hand-deliver a missing piece of luggage.

We recruit people to Executive AirCare who possess the inherent characteristics of customer service. Those who find it rewarding to solve problems and want to take ownership of customers’ needs. You’ll find it’s our business to take your concerns personally.

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We’re at your service 24/7. Call us at 866.946.4900.