Executive AirShare - Phenom 300 Executive AirShare - Phenom 300

Fractional Ownership

The costs of owning and maintaining a whole jet may not be practical for you. Fractional aircraft ownership costs let you share expenses among other owners without losing the benefits of private aircraft travel. Executive AirShare’s fractional ownership plans begin with 1/16th shares and go up to accommodate you. As an example, a 1/8th shareowner entitles you to 40 aircraft days per year. During this time, the aircraft is completely at your disposal. You decide when and where you’ll travel. Executive AirShare’s exclusive day-based program lets you maximize the number of trips compared to other fractional jet plans that count hours.


We’re perfectly positioned to serve you from our locations in the nation’s midsection, the Rocky Mountains and the Great Lakes region. Our network of operational centers means we aren’t deadheading empty aircraft cross-country. But you can fly all over the United States and into the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America and Canada. For the most part, you fly on the jet you own. If you like, we can easily upgrade to a larger aircraft, or down to a smaller one, to meet the specific needs of each trip. And trust that we’ll get you where you need to go. In style and comfort.

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We match your share to your travel needs. Call us at 866.946.4900.


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