Productivity measured in days, not hours.

What exactly can you accomplish in a day? That’s entirely up to you. With Airshare’s fractional ownership – the only days-based program in private aviation – you get more cost savings and freedom to choose where to fly, when to take off, and for how long during your flights. Plus, your jet stays with you – along with your own dedicated in-flight AirCare team – bringing convenience and comfort on board wherever you travel.

With Airshare’s fractional ownership, you receive:

  • The best value for those flying longer than 2.5 hours or making multiple single-day stops.
  • An average savings of 25%-40% per hour compared to standard hourly rates.
  • Flexibility to scale up or down to one of our two Embraer Phenom jet models.
  • Dedicated AirCare team available 24/7.

Get fit for travel.

Let us help you determine just the right amount of fractional ownership so you can accomplish more in your day.

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Same cabin size.
Same comfort.

Same cabin size.
Same comfort.

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